Legal Actions

RCN's legal counsel is part of a growing network of attorneys working to protect communities' rights to stop fracking and state preemption, and to promote the right of initiative.  Here are some cases that RCN's legal counsel is either involved with or is tracking.

Cases to Limit Fracking

Martinez v. Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, 2017COA37 (Colo. 2017)

RCN's chief legal counsel, Dan Leftwich, is co-counsel representing youth plaintiffs in a challenge to the COGCC's denial of the plaintiffs' petition to place a state-wide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing permits until rules are enacted that protect the public health, safety and the environment.  In a landmark opinion, the Court of Appeals ruled that protection of public health, safety and the environment is a mandatory condition that must be met before oil and gas development can be authorized.  The COGCC's petition asking the Supreme Court to hear its appeal from this decision is pending.

Neighbors Affected By Triple Creek v. Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Weld Air and Water, et al. v. Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Resources for the Transition to Renewable Energy


Clean Energy Action
Boulder Utility Municipalization Project
City of Aspen Renewable Energy Program


The Solutions Project
The Post Carbon Institute

Resources for Community Resilience


Resilient Boulder