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The oil and gas (O&G) industry has been fracking our Colorado communities and trampling our fundamental rights for almost a decade. Now we are standing up for our public health and safety and our environment with legal actions against fracking. Boulder County citizens are mounting a legal defense to block drilling permits that may be issued as soon as March 2018. More than 11,000 acres of open space and private property near homes, schools and neighborhoods are targeted for drilling and fracking. With citizen power we can stop this. Help us Hold Our Ground.


Help us prevent drilling in Boulder County by making a tax-deductible donation to Earthworks to support our legal defense fund >>> DONATE NOW. Or send a check payable to EARTHWORKS with “Resilient Communities Network” in the check memo to:

Resilient Communities Network
1630 30th St., Suite A,
Boulder, CO 80301.

WRITE a LETTER to the EDITOR (LTE) of the Boulder Newspapers
Add your voice and help educate our community about the immediate threat of fracking on our public land and in private neighborhoods. LTEs require your name, address, and daytime phone, and can be emailed directly to:

Boulder Daily Cameraopenforum@prairiemountainmedia.com (300-word limit)
Boulder Weeklyletters@boulderweekly.com (400-word limit)

EMAIL the Boulder County Commissioners at commissioners@bouldercounty.org
Boulder County citizens paid more than $74 million toward the Open Space Sales and Use Tax Capital Improvement Fund in three elections since 1993. Tell the County Commissioners to keep their agreement with the citizens and protect our publicly owned land as open space. We request the Commissioners allocate funds from the $2.48 million in the 2018 open space budget toward a citizen-led legal defense of our land to prevent any drilling and fracking in Boulder County.

  • Background in this Daily Camera article “Open space targeted by oil, gas” (Downloads a PDF.)
  • Talking Points – Please send us a note at info@resilientcommunitiesnetwork.org if you’d like suggested ideas and important points to make in your letters and emails. Ideally, do both: email the Boulder County Commissioners and send letters to the editor to the Daily Camera and/or the Boulder Weekly
  • Help us track letters – Please bcc us at: info@resilientcommunitiesnetwork.org to help us keep track of letters sent to the Boulder County Commissioners and letters to the editor.

The Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is the state regulatory agency that receives and approves applications from O&G operators in Colorado. The COGCC has yet to deny a drilling permit. Tell the COGCC Commissioners that Boulder County citizens are opposed to ANY drilling on our land, including our open space and near homes and schools.

  • Oppose the drilling application for 8 North Extraction has applied to drill on 4,000 acres near Lafayette and Erie neighborhoods with permits approved as early as March 2018. 
  • Learn more about 8 North Extraction’s drilling plans at the Boulder County O&G website.
  • Stand with us against the drilling applications from Crestone Peak Resources that has applied to drill 140 wells on 12 square miles or 7,680 acres with drilling permits expected on May 1st, 2018.
  • Learn more about Crestone’s drilling plans at the Boulder County O&G website.
Public Comment Period
Dec. 29, 2017 – Jan.5, 2018: COGCC public comment period for 8 North Extraction. 
Dec. 30, 2017 – Jan. 19, 2018: COGCC public comment for Crestone.
Post comments at: COGCC.state.co.us/#home. Download a document on how to navigate the COGCC website and write to the COGCC Commissioners to oppose the two operator’s drilling applications in Boulder County.

HOST A HOUSE MEETING and help us spread the word.
Most citizens that live in threatened communities are not aware that they are under imminent threat from fracking. Help us educate our neighbors, friends and family. To sign up to host a house meeting contact suzanne@frackfreecolorado.com.



1.     Join our media and communications team:
Help spread the word! This includes writing letters to the editor, creating and or sharing social media etc.

2.     Got other special skills or connections (video, fundraising, networking) you want to share? Shoot us a line to suzanne@frackfreecolorado.com and tell us about it!