Welcome to Resilient Communities Network  (RCN)

RCN is a Colorado non-profit organization that is helping communities accelerate the necessary shift to renewable energy while building resilient and sustainable systems to rely on during the transition.  Organizations that promote resilience against climate chaos are emerging  locally, across the country and around the world.  

However, a rapid shift to renewable energy, and resilience for the transition, cannot happen in communities that are being forced to allow fracking in their neighborhoods.  Also, even the most progressive communities are prevented from pursuing local control over their own sustainability by the doctrine of state preemption.  Consequently, a major part of RCN's mission is to strengthen Colorado communities' power to assert local control over fracking and sustainability initiatives by promoting local democracy and restoring citizens' fundamental rights to protect their health, safety, property and the environment against state preemption.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy will present major challenges to every community.  Rescaling, repurposing and re-envisioning our complex systems will demand legal and organizing frameworks that create effective pathways to more secure futures. RCN’s approach offers bold legal strategies, intelligent organizing, non-violent direct action campaigns, and public education.  A network of attorneys, citizens groups, organizers, and local business sponsors is being developed to carry out its mission.

For communities looking to make this transition, RCN will be there, helping to defend your fundamental rights, protecting local democracy, and building the resilience required to protect people and the environment in the shift to a healthy, sustainable future.

We hope you will join us!